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The gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator with Heaters is a benchtop instrument for the fully automated and standardized tissue dissociation or homogenization of up to eight samples. 

The next generation of gel and blot imaging system. An innovative imaging platform changes the way images of gels and blots are captured. 

How to Isolate Cells in 3 Easy Steps using MACS MicroBeads

‌ Benefits of recombinant antibody technology for flow cytometry.
‌Cap'n T 세포가 REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies에 대해서 설명해 줄 거에요!

The STREX Cell Stretching System induces mechanical stimuli to cells growing in culture by stretching and compressing them, thereby providing an environment similar to in vivo conditions. 

‌Microtester G2/ Hydogel testing.
This video demonstrates the test procedure to perform parallel-plate compression testing on sub-mm hydrogel microspheres.  Please contact CellScale Biomaterials Testing for more information.

‌qTOWER³  is a powerful real-time pcr thermal cycler integrating high-class technology with striking design: an ideal companion for day-to-day lab work. 

‌Biometra TAdvanced High-performance thermal cycler for DNA amplification by PCR Biometra TAdvanced.