Luna Nanotech
Nanoparticle Products and Magnetic Microbeads

Luna Nanotech has an extensive expertise in synthesizing high quality nanoparticles for biomedical research and diagnostic applications. A range of formulations are available with a selection of sizes, shapes and surface chemistries. Nanoparticles with their unique physico-chemical properties form the core of our diagnostic systems.
PuroSPIN™ Replacement Spin Columns for DNA/RNA Purification

Have you ever ran out of columns that come with your favorite DNA/RNA extraction kit but still had a lot of left-over buffer reagents remaining? Instead of buying a new expensive kit you can use PuroSPIN™ columns with the left-over buffers as a cost-effective alternative. Available in NANO/MICRO/MINI/MIDI/MAXI sizes to suit any application.
PuroSPIN™ Complete DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification Kits  

Luna Nanotech offers complete solutions for the extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from bacteria, yeast, animal cells, tissues, physiological fluids, agarose gels, and enzymatic reactions. These kits are based on the fast and efficient silica spin column extraction technology that simplifies and greatly speeds up nucleic acid purification.