Automated Cell Counters & Analyzers

The NucleoCounter® range of automatic cell counters and image analyzers are the most precise instruments on the market. They are easy to use, and the automated process makes for safe sample handling. With a NucleoCounter®, you can eliminate human error and obtain fast and consistent results.

About Chemometec

ChemoMetec is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cell counting and analysis equipment. We specialize in developing and producing high-precision instrumentation, delivering consistent data for thousands of customers across biotech, pharma and academic segments.

We are experiencing exponential growth, as we strive towards our goal to be the number one provider in Life Sciences.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Denmark, we build our instruments and consumables with quality materials and dedicated expert workmanship.

Technology & Products

All our instruments are based on a combination of image cytometry and advanced image analysis.

The NucleoCounter® instruments are automated cell counters which can be used for determination of cell count and cell viability of various types of cells like mammalian cells and yeast. Our cell counters utilize a unique technology platform to ensure achievement of precise and consistent results.

The instruments are extremely simple to use due to specially designed disposable units (e.g. Via1-Cassette™ and Via2-Cassette™), which are volume-calibrated and pre-filled with dyes to simplify sample handling and eliminate human error. The equipment and the software are especially suited for GMP environments.