Mechanical testing System
At CellScale, our test systems are optimized from the ground up to characterize the mechanical properties of biomaterials. Environmental chambers and imaging are integral system functions, not afterthoughts. For needs ranging from micro-scale compression to biaxial tension, trust CellScale’s systems to provide cutting edge results.

BioTester – planar biaxial testing
MicroTester – micro-scale mechanical testing
UniVert – tension, compression and bending testing

Cell & Tissue Stimulation _Mechanical Bioreactors

Mechanical bioreactors provide insights into the response of cells and tissues to mechanical stimulation. In addition to our standard products, CellScale also has extensive experience in developing custom solutions.MCJ1 – 6 specimen tension stimulation

MCTX – 6 specimen compression stimulation
MCTR – 9 specimen hydrostatic stimulation
MCFX – 16 well uniaxial stimulation with microscopy
MCB1  – biaxial stimulation
MCT6 – 6 specimen uniaxial stimulation


Microtester G2/ Hydogel testing.
This video demonstrates the test procedure to perform parallel-plate compression testing on sub-mm hydrogel microspheres.  Please contact CellScale Biomaterials Testing for more information.